ETF Filters

ETF Screener

The ETF Screener enables you to refine the ETF Universe to a subset of ETFs that fit any investment goal. Use the filters on the left-side of the page to add criteria to narrow your search. Save your screener to easily recreate its results in the future.

To add an ETF from the screener to your portfolio, first you must select the checkbox next to the ETF ticker. Then click the "Add To Portfolio" button in the top right of the results table. This will take you to a prompt where you can select which portfolio will add the ETF to its holdings.

The left-hand side of the ETF Screener page includes the screener's filtering criteria. Here you can select specific attributes of an ETF that are of interest to you (asset class, geographic focus, expense ratio, performance, etc.) to narrow the list of ETFs for your search. The results table to the right of the filtering criteria includes key metrics for the ETFs that have passed the screener. These metrics include Performance, Fund Flows, ESG details and more.

Yes, all users that have created an account and signed in are able to save their screeners. The button to save a screener is located in the top right of the results table.

The ETF Screener gives you the ability to filter the U.S. ETF universe according to your preferences to find the ETF that best suits your investment needs and goals.