ETF Comparison Tool


The performance data presented is the annualized total return for time periods longer than one year.

You can compare two ETFs across a variety of metrics on our Compare ETFs page. This page includes popular comparisons among investors and gives you the option to input two specific ETFs for comparison.

Analyzing ETF holdings requires different metrics depending on the asset class. For example, an investor evaluating an equity ETF may be interested in valuation ratios, whereas a fixed income investor focusing on a bond ETF may focus on credit ratings. The Comparison Tool considers the asset class of the ETFs being compared when generating metrics for comparison to give you the best comparison possible.

There is a Plus (+) button next to the ETF ticker at the top of the comparison page. Selecting the Plus button will take you to a prompt where you can select which portfolio will add the ETF to its holdings.

The Compare ETFs page currently supports comparisons between two ETFs only. If you would like to compare more ETFs side-by-side, it is possible via the ETF Screener.

ETFs will be compared using metrics related to performance, cost, holdings and ESG.