Small Issuers Big Innovation

June 2021

In each issue, ETF Report shows advisors how they can improve client outcomes and increase their business with ETFs by interviewing the leading ETF strategists and asset managers in the industry.

This issue considers the smaller ETF issuers that are breaking new ground in the space and the latest innovations.

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ETF Features

How Small Issuers Drive ETF Innovation

Innovation in the ETF space is often driven by the issuers outside the top tiers.

ETF Features

Differentiation Key For Rising Small ETF Issuers

Staking out territory in ETFs when all the low-hanging fruit is gone.

ETF Departments

ETF Launches: LCTU

BlackRock’s carbon transition ETF is the biggest launch ever.

ETF Departments

ETF Explainer: SYLD

Yield-focused ETFs have done well in 2021.

ETF Departments

Comparison Tool: June 2021

A granular look at the differences between two energy sector funds.

ETF Departments

Stock Finder: June 2021

A look at the companies that stand out and the ETFs that hold them.

ETF Departments

Cryptocurrency Corner: June 2021

More on Ethereum, Elon Musk and the likelihood of a bitcoin ETF.

ETF Departments

Data At A Glance: June 2021

A review of fund flows and key trends around infrastructure, growth and value, and technology.

ETF Departments

Countries In Review: April 2021

April was largely a positive month for country ETFs.

ETF Departments

Innovation Persists

It’s really just the nature of the ETF industry.

ETF Data

ETF Data: June 2021

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF and ETN returns for every market segment.