Crypto In Focus

October 2021

In each issue, ETF Report shows advisors how they can improve client outcomes and increase their business with ETFs by interviewing the leading ETF strategists and asset managers in the industry.

In this issue, we look at the status of the cryptocurrency market and the possibility of a crypto ETF.

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Bitcoin & Crypto

When Will The US Get A Bitcoin ETF?

A deep dive into bitcoin ETF demand, the regulatory obstacles and how such products would improve markets.

ETF Features

Client Portfolios & Crypto

Advisors are working to define the role of a brand new asset in client portfolios.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Investing In Crypto

Although there’s no cryptocurrency ETF yet, there are numerous ways to access the space.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Why Advisors Should Care About Crypto

CEO and Co-founder of Onramp Invest Tyrone Ross explains how advisors should approach the crypto space.

ETF Features

Robo Advisors An Evolving Field

The concept is changing shape to meet increasingly complex customer needs.

ETF Departments

ETF Launches: SPRX

A newcomer offers its take on disruptive innovation.

ETF Departments

ETF Explainer: MGK

Examining the twists and turns of a mega-cap heavyweight.

ETF Departments

Comparison Tool: October 2021

A granular look at the differences between two ETFs covering online retail.

ETF Departments

Stock Finder: October 2021

Key stats on companies that stand out and the ETFs that hold them.

ETF Departments

Data At A Glance: October 2021

A review of fund flows and trends around technology and commodities.

ETF Departments

Countries In Review: October 2021

Latin America ETFs demonstrated strong performance in August.

ETF Departments

Cryptocurrency Corner: October 2021

The performance of the largest cryptocurrencies and current events in the space.

Bitcoin & Crypto

Advisors & The Crypto Conundrum

Cryptocurrencies could mean opportunity for advisors.

ETF Data

ETF Data: October 2021

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF and ETN returns for every market segment.