Sailing Into Retirement

October 2018

This issue considers the topic of retirement, an area that is in many ways the last frontier for ETFs.

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ETF Features

ETF Picks For A Retiree

Investing doesn’t stop because your working days are over.

Features and News

An Unlikely ETF Revival

Four years after the last target-date ETF closed, ETFs are staging a comeback in target-date funds—from within the portfolio. 

ETF Features

ETFs Still Missing From 401(k)s

Why ETFs have been largely shut out of 401(k) plans.

ETF Departments

 New ETF Launches: October 2018

Defiance ETFs debuts virtual reality ETF.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: FDN

Internet stocks have been on a bit of a tear.

ETF Departments

 Data At A Glance

Monthly ETF flows and five high-flying funds.

ETF Departments

 What Is An Exchange-Traded Note?

The difference between ETNs and ETFs.

ETF Departments

Smart Beta ETFs At Vanilla Prices

Newcomer Goldman Sachs takes aim at established players with multifactor funds at bargain-bin prices.

ETF Departments

 Countries In Review: October 2018

More than half of country ETFs fell in August.

ETF Departments

 Commodities In Review: October 2018

Commodity ETFs had a mixed month in terms of performance.

ETF Departments

 Sectors In Review: October 2018

August was a strong month for sector ETFs.

ETF Departments

What’s Your Un-Investing Plan?

Investors need to consider their clients' needs after retirement.

ETF Data

 ETF Data: October 2018

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.