Active Persists

July 2019

In this issue, ETFR checks in with some of the more traditional and strictly active ETF issuers like ARK and Davis to see what makes their strategies tick and where they can find outperfomance.

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ETF Features

Differentiation Key In Active Mgmt

Successful active ETFs offer investors something different from competitors.

ETF Features

Advisors Using Active Strategies

The choice to use active strategies often comes down to client needs and the benefits of customization.

Features and News

Behind Active ETFs’ Small Victories

Active ETFs saw strong growth in the past year, but it’s too soon to call it a new era.

ETF Departments

ETF Launches: MAAX

VanEck’s new ETF is a muni-focused ETF-of-ETFs.

ETF Departments

ETF Explainer: XLP

The consumer staples sector has been outperforming other sectors lately.

ETF Departments

Data At A Glance: July 2019

A look at the recent performance of European stocks, rare earth metals and other areas of the market.

ETF Departments

ETF Education: July 2019

There are some quirks to how fixed income ETFs are taxed.

ETF Departments

War Of The Robotic ETFs

The two biggest players in the space seem to be losing ground to a newer fund.

ETF Departments

US Insurers’ ETF Use Rises

Insurance companies seeking ETFs to diversify the holdings in their general accounts.

ETF Departments

Active At The Core Of AdvisorShares

ETF issuer is an active ETF idea issuer as well as a platform.

ETF Departments

Commodities In Review: July 2019

Agriculture was a bright spot during May.

ETF Departments

Sectors In Review: July 2019

May was a uniformly miserable month for sector ETFs.

ETF Departments

Countries In Review: July 2019

Most country ETFs declined during the month of May.

ETF Departments

The 6 Year Active ETF Solution

Nontransparent active ETFs finally approved.

ETF Data

 ETF Data: July 2019

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment