How ETFs Changed The Advisor

February 2019

This issue considers the impact of ETFs on financial advisement, as well as how robos have changed how advisors operate.

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ETF Features

How ETFs Changed The Advisory Business

A new product wrapper changed the shape of financial advice.

ETF Features

When Robo Advisors Changed Advice

It’s not an outcome most expected.

ETF Departments

 ETF Launches: February 2019

WisdomTree debuted a smart-beta broad bond ETF.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: HACK

The first cybersecurity ETF had a wild year.

ETF Departments

 Data At A Glance: February 2019

Some interesting financial charts from 2018.

ETF Departments

 ETF Education: February 2019

Understanding ETFs offering hedge fund strategies.

ETF Departments

Invesco Focusing On Scale

A look at the ambitious moves made by the fourth-largest ETF issuer.

ETF Departments

Institutions Expect More Market Turmoil

Institutional investors are gravitating more to active investing, according to a recent survey.

ETF Departments

 Commodities In Review: February 2019

Cocoa and silver stood out in a mixed month.

ETF Departments

 Sectors In Review: February 2019

December was uniformly disastrous for sector ETFs.

ETF Departments

 Countries In Review: February 2019

Nigeria and Mexico outperformed during a bleak month.

ETF Departments

The Google Advisor?

Expect the unexpected in the future of financial advisement.

ETF Sponsored Content

 Legg Mason: Low Vol, High Div ETF Hits 3 Years

The firm's $600 million ETF, ‘LVHD,’ offers a blended dividend and low-volatility factor approach to equities

ETF Data

 ETF Data: February 2019

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment.