Navigating Thematic ETFs

September 2019

This issue considers thematic ETFs, what dictates their success and what they can add to your portfolio. 

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ETF Features

Alchemy Of Thematic ETFs

The formula for guaranteed success with thematic ETFs has yet to be determined.

ETF Features

Using Themed ETFs In Portfolios

They usually look like great ideas, but keep the risks in mind.

ETF Features

Beyond ETFs: Direct Indexing

ETF are not the end-state: The next evolution for investing—direct indexing—is at our doorstep.

Features and News

Why Use Options Overlays On ETFs?

Fundamental analysis and ETF options together? You better believe it.

ETF Departments

ETF Launches: CNBS

Amplify joins the ranks of issuers of marijuana ETFs.

ETF Departments

 ETF Explainer: PBW

Clean energy has been on a mostly upward trajectory in 2019.

ETF Departments

Data At A Glance: September 2019

A look at monthly flows, and the performance of the best and worst ETFs of 2019.

ETF Departments

Defining An ETN Vs. ETF

Features and News

This ETF Theme Drives The World

Infrastructure lets the modern world function. Several ETFs capture company performance in the space.

ETF Departments

How Insurers Use ETFs

While adoption is on the rise, there’s still a strong ETF holdout in this industry, a survey shows.

ETF Departments

Global X Surfs Thematic ETF Wave

Issuer looking abroad after its acquisition by Mirae Asset Management.

ETF Departments

Commodities In Review: September 2019

July was a mixed month for commodity ETFs.

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Sectors In Review: September 2019

Sector ETFs recorded largely positive performance during July.

ETF Departments

Countries In Review: September 2019

Country ETFs had an uninspiring month in July.

ETF Departments

Technology Makes Connections Easier

Technology can help you invest better, but there’s more to it.

ETF Data

 ETF Data: September 2019

Our monthly databank breaks down ETF returns for every market segment