3 ETFs To Move To Cboe

December 04, 2018

ETF issuer Cambria is set to change the listing exchange on its three largest ETFs. As of Dec. 17, the Cambria Shareholder Yield ETF (SYLD), the Cambria Global Value ETF (GVAL) and the Cambria Global Momentum ETF (GMOM) will transfer from the NYSE Arca to Cboe Global Markets, the parent company of ETF.com.

Each of the three funds, which all launched in 2013 and 2014, has more than $100 million in assets under management

Cambria has a total of 11 U.S.-listed ETFs. Currently, seven of them are listed on the Cboe exchange, and the addition of the new funds will bring the total to 10. The issuer has total assets under management of approximately $640 million.

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