ETF Watch: iShares Plans Plain Vanilla Int’l Fund

December 22, 2016

iShares has filed for an ETF that will target developed-market equities across the size spectrum. The iShares MSCI International Developed ETF will track equities from 22 markets.

The plain-vanilla index is cap-weighted and selects its component stocks from the small-, mid- and large-cap segments. The proposed fund is akin to a souped-up MSCI EAFE fund in that it doesn’t just cover ­­­­large- and midcap stocks, and it also includes Canada. Canada performed well in 2016, and has significant exposure to the commodity space.

The fund’s plain-vanilla, unhedged exposure is unusual in this era of smart-beta and currency hedging. The largest competitor to such a product is the Vanguard FTSE Developed Markets ETF (VEA), which has $39.5 billion in assets under management and covers the same broad market capitalization spectrum and also excludes the U.S.

The filing did not include an expense ratio, ticker or listing exchange.

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