Fidelity Launches Inflation ETF

November 07, 2019

Today, Fidelity has rolled out an equity ETF that is supposed to outperform the broad market in times of increasing inflation via a factor-based strategy. The Fidelity Stocks For Inflation ETF (FCPI) tracks an index of large- and midcap U.S. stocks offering exposure to the value, quality and momentum factors.

The fund comes with an expense ratio of 0.29% and lists on Cboe Global Markets, the parent company of

FCPI tracks the Fidelity Stocks for Inflation Factor Index. The fund seems to be in the same vein as the $353.3 million Fidelity Dividend ETF for Rising Rates (FDRR), which targets companies that have strong dividend metrics and whose performance correlates with increasing 10-year Treasury yields.

The fund joins Fidelity’s family of 28 ETFs, which have a total of more than $17 billion in assets under management.

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