Heather Bell

Heather Bell is managing editor for ETF.com and ETF Report.

ETF Report

Key Trends Captured In Largest New Launches

Some interesting themes emerge with a little digging.

Daily ETF Watch

Emles Launches Luxury, Defensive ETFs

Issuer adds funds targeting a theme and a defensive strategy. 

Daily ETF Watch

New ETF Targets Momentum & Quality

The fund screens the largest U.S. stocks based on their quality and momentum factor exposures.

Daily ETF Watch

Liquid Alts ETF Takes Cues From Lumber, Gold

The tactical alternative strategy from Toroso could provide diversification to portfolios.

Daily ETF Watch

DFA Takes The Stage With ETFs

A towering name in mutual funds enters the ETF space. 

Daily ETF Watch

Newcomer Debuts Long/Short Yield ETF

The fund looks to provide a solution for the disruption of the traditional 60/40 model.

Daily ETF Watch

'Moonshot' ETF Enters Disruptive Space

The pool of ETFs devoted to disruptive innovation is somewhat crowded.

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iShares Adds To Target Maturity Junk Bond ETFs

The new fund is the sixth member in the high yield and income target maturity family.

Daily ETF Watch

Alt Energy ETF Debuts With Active Approach

Guinness Atkinson adds a sustainable energy ETF to its lineup.