Invesco Plans 19 ETF Closures

Shutdowns slated for February 2019.
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As 2018 draws to a close, we are already seeing ETF closures being scheduled for the early months of 2019. Invesco recently announced it would be shutting down almost 20 ETFs in February. The products are as follows:

The 19 funds will halt creations on Feb. 12 and shut down for good on Feb. 20, 2019. Given that Invesco has acquired multiple smaller issuers in the past few years, including Guggenheim and OppenheimerFunds in the U.S. and Source in Europe, it seems logical for the firm to prune its rapidly expanded lineup of 252 ETFs.

Most of the funds slated for closures top out at about $20 million in assets under management. However, DSUM is a notable exception, with $71 million in assets. The ETF launched in 2011.  

This year has been a record-breaker when it comes to ETF closures, with more than 140 funds shutting. The announcement from Invesco starts 2019 off with a bang in that regard.

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