Latest Single-Stock ETFs Target Apple, Coinbase

The funds are the latest in a growing wave of funds offering leveraged and inverse exposure to individual stocks.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

GraniteShares and Direxion have launched the latest versions of single-stock exchange-traded funds single-stock ETF , this time offering leveraged approaches to investing in some of the most-well known technology companies.  

The GraniteShares ETFs are as follows and target Apple, Coinbase and Tesla stock: 

Each launched on the Nasdaq with an expense ratio of 1.15%. 

The Direxion ETFs are as follows and target Apple and Tesla stock: 

These funds also launched on the Nasdaq, but with expense ratios of 0.97%. 

Universe of Single-Stock ETFs 

These latest rollouts bring the total number of single-stock ETFs currently trading on the market to 16. While there was already a one times inverse Tesla ETF in AXS’s offering, the Direxion and GraniteShares ETFs include 1.5 times and 1.25 times leveraged choices in addition to inverse exposure. The AXS launches did not include ETFs covering Coinbase or Apple stock. 

Beyond Tesla, the AXS launches included funds tied to the performance of Nike, NVDIA, PayPal and Pfizer. One more firm has filed for single-stock funds but has yet to launch any. Kurv is a new brand in the industry and has filed for 20 ETFs offering inverse and leveraged exposure to 20 stocks.  


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