PowerShares To Close 4 Funds

PowerShares To Close 4 Funds

Three of the four are currency-hedged products.

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Invesco PowerShares has announced that four of its ETFs will close on Dec. 22. All of the funds in question are at least three years old and have between $1 million and $6 million in assets under management.

The list includes the following:

These are the first PowerShares ETFs scheduled to close in 2017. The issuer also closed four funds last year.

It’s not surprising that three of the funds are currency-hedged products, which have fallen out of the spotlight and out of favor with investors. Currently, there are 84 listed currency-hedged products trading on U.S. exchanges, with only nine that have assets above $1 billion and 43 with assets of less than $10 million.

There are 124 fund closures set to occur by the end of the year.

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