Hot Reads: 2021 Ends With 7% Inflation

Plus, a new study suggests ESG labels are often useless.
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2021 CPI Hits 7% Year Over Year Increase (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics)

Energy and used car prices soared last year, while December inflation came in at 0.5% versus 0.4% expected.


ESG Study Reveals Fund Labels Are Often Useless (Financial Planning)

A shareholder advocacy group found the majority of ESG funds failed to implement ESG principles or disclose why they held companies involved in controversial areas such as fossil fuels and deforestation.


Powell: Economy No Longer Needs Aggressive Stimulus (Wall Street Journal)

The Fed chairman says the central bank is ready to tighten monetary policy to fight inflation. 


Goldman Says China COVID Policies Present Risks To Investors (Institutional Investor)

China’s lackluster performance and recent crackdowns on tech, energy and housing may only add to the gap between emerging and developed markets.


Are We Bullish Enough? (Of Dollars & Data)

Looking at historical precedent, the U.S. market could very well still have a lot of upside ahead of it in the next several years.


Vanguard, Nuveen See 2022 Muni Outlook (Financial Advisor Magazine)

The $4 trillion muni bond market looks to be off to its worst start in more than two decades.


Bitcoin Death Cross Staring Down Bulls (Advisor Perspectives)

Holders of the crypto are facing a price pattern with a name that suggests more pain ahead.


Lessons From The Tech Bubble (The Irrelevant Investor)

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