Hot Reads: 2022 Was Great for Smart Beta ETFs

Hot Reads: 2022 Was Great for Smart Beta ETFs

Plus, what to consider when deciding if single-stock ETFs are for you.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Smart Beta Rewards the Discerning in 2022 (Financial Times)
Momentum, value and "low investment" rack up returns of 11%-15% while broad markets lost a fifth of their value.


Are Single-Stock ETFs a Good Idea? (Fox Business)
A look at the ins and outs of the category and the accompanying risks.


Cathie Wood Resumes Selling in (Bloomberg)
The ARK Fintech ETF (ARKF) sold off some of its holdings of the company’s ADRs for the first time since July.


3 Growth ETFs to Consider for the Coming Bull Market (The Motley Fool)
The recommendations include two funds from Vanguard and one from Invesco.


Summers Says Another COVID-Scale Problem a Top Risk (CNBC)
He says the odds of such an occurrence are 50-50 and that the world is “utterly unprepared.”


Want to Succeed Like Swensen? Don’t Copy His Endowment Model (Institutional Investor)
Instead, researchers suggest allocators customize the approach for their institution and focus on a “personal identity.”


Is It Realistic to Have a 100% Stock Portfolio? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Portfolio management requires some balance between your ability, need and willingness to take risk with your money.

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