Hot Reads: All Major Asset Classes Down Last Week

September 19, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Clean Sweep Of Losses For Major Asset Class Last Week (Capital Spectator)
Government bonds had the smallest setback to their performance last week.  


Are Bond Investors Making a Mistake By Bailing Out? (Morningstar)
The scale of this year's outflows suggests panic may be prevailing.


Is the Future of Blockchain Now? (Institutional Investor)
Those with research and development budgets are diving in, but they still need proof that the technology will be effective.


All Eyes on Another Sizable Rate Hike From the Fed (Yahoo Finance)
Markets face another hefty interest rate hike ahead as policymakers continue their fight against stubborn inflation.


How Much Do Interest Rates Matter to the Stock Market? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Why inflation matters more to the stock market than interest rates.


Turning Point for the Crypto Community? (CNBC)
Where bitcoin goes from here.


The Stock Market Is Not the Economy in an Important Way (Yahoo Finance)
An important way the two differ is international exposure.


Should You Invest More After Market Declines? (Of Dollars & Data)
Look for the declines of 40% or more when using this approach.


Exploring Technology’s Role in ESG Funds (Financial Times)
Be aware that many ESG funds overweight technology.

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