Hot Reads: ARK ETFs Buy Coinbase Stock

Plus, what will the economy do when the stimulus high fades?

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

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ARK Funds Buy Coinbase, Sell Some Tesla (Yahoo Finance)
Cathie Wood’s ETFs just invested $246 million in Coinbase.


What Happens When The Stimulus High Wears Off? (CNBC)
Once the drivers of the growth—primarily government spending and the pandemic-rebound—fade away, the path beyond looks challenging.


3 Reasons Active Managers Lose (ThinkAdvisor)
Charles Ellis says: wrong asset mix, wrong stocks and wrong timing.


Is Stagflation Coming? (Advisor Perspectives)
Lost in the debate about whether inflation is looming is the broader risk posed by potential negative supply shocks.


Senate Confirms Gary Gensler As SEC Chair (ThinkAdvisor)
The former chairman of the CFC was confirmed Wednesday by a 53-45 vote.


The 4 Totally Bad Bear Markets (Advisor Perspectives)
Where are today’s markets?


Cheapest ETFs Available In 12 Categories (ETF Focus)
Here’s a list you can work with.


‘We’ll See China-Like Growth For A Time In US’ (Morningstar)
Vanguard’s chief economist discusses his team’s latest research and how COVID has changed the economy.


Which Bonds Provide Most Diversification? (Morningstar)
Their levels of effectiveness can vary greatly.

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