Hot Reads: ARK Founder Adds to Coinbase Holdings

Plus, a hard landing in 2023 could mark the beginning of a long-term upward trend.
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Cathie Wood Goes on Coinbase Buying Spree as Wall Street Sours (Bloomberg)
ARK funds have increased their holdings by 19% this month.


A Hard Landing in 2023 Could Pave the Way for a Long-Term Bounce (Institutional Investor)
Robeco says peak inflation, peak rates and a peak dollar in the new year will herald a comeback for major asset classes.


Why Nontransitionary Recession Is Coming (Advisor Perspectives)
How to face it as an investor.


8 Takeaways From 20 Years of SPIVA Data (The Evidence Based Investor)
Given that the reports are published by an index provider, are they in any way biased?


The Nasdaq-100 Peaked a Year Ago (Financial Advisor)
Now we know it was a bubble.


No Need for New Crypto Regulations: Better Markets CEO (Institutional Investor)
One of crypto's harshest critics argues more regulation could ensnare many more Americans than those who are currently taking a flyer on crypto.


Bond Market's Inverted Yield Curve Has Something for Everyone (Advisor Perspectives)
Nothing about this economic cycle has been typical.


Has the Stock Market Hit Bottom? (Morningstar)
Three signs to watch. 


Does Momentum Work in Option Markets? (Alpha Architect)
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