Hot Reads: China Slashes Key Rate To Prop Economy

Plus, Yellen says the Fed needs to stick with its 2% inflation target.
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China Banks Cut Key Loan Rate By Record (Yahoo Finance)

The country is trying to prop up its economy while pursuing a “zero-COVID” lockdown strategy.


Yellen Rejects Idea Of Fed Raising 2% Inflation Target (FAMag)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen rejected any idea that the Fed and its counterparts should boost their inflation targets given the importance of stable price expectations at a time when living costs are surging.


Will US Inflation Lead To Recession? (Jackson Hole Economics)

The Fed will have to respond more nimbly to economic softening than it did to strengthening in 2021.


Investor Sentiment On China Ranges From Exuberant To Highly Cautious (Institutional Investor)

"It's important to distinguish what's happened with Russia and what might happen with China," says Matthews International's chief investment strategist.


Another Stablecoin Falls After UST & Luna (The Street)

Crypto prices undermined by fears of recession. Tokens, which are supposed to reduce volatility, are collapsing.


The Best Investment Strategy For This Market (A Wealth of Common Sense)

The benefits of dollar cost averaging.


The Harsh Reality Investors Face (The Evidence Based Investor)

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