Hot Reads: Crypto Sector Sees Over 2K Jobs Lost in 2023

Plus, why Grayscale’s GBTC has $7 billion in untapped value that investors can’t get to.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Crypto Retrenchment Persists With Over 2K Jobs Lost in 2023 (Bloomberg) 
Coinbase and other exchanges have announced sweeping layoffs, with other parts of the crpto sector also seeing job cuts. 


ARK Buys $12M of Coinbase Shares (Wall Street Journal) 
The crypto exchange reported its fourth straight quarterly loss yesterday.  


GBTC Has Another $7B of Untapped Value Investors Can’t Access (Barron’s) 
The fund’s share price trades at a 47% discount to its underlying net asset value. 


Is It Time to Rethink Stock/Bond Allocations? (The Capital Spectator) 
By some accounts, a favorable tailwind is now blowing for bonds, particularly for a buy-and-hold strategy with Treasuries. 


Is This Market Ripe for Stock Pickers? (The Evidence Based Investor) 
Having the opportunity to add value does not guarantee that value gets added. 


Can Covered Call Options Serve as a Bond Replacement? (A Wealth of Common Sense) 
Investors should understand the drawbacks and risks before going all in on this type of strategy.  


Some Treasury Bills Now Paying 5%—What Investors Need to Know (CNBC) 
If you’re looking for a relatively safe place for cash, Treasury bills or T-bills have recently become more attractive, experts say. 


Rise of European Online Neobrokers Draws Regulatory Scrutiny (Financial Times) 
Evidence shows most investors pursue low-risk objectives and only a minority choose crypto or derivatives offerings. 

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