Hot Reads: Digging Into Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse

Plus, ETFs that bet against TV financial pundits isn’t a good idea.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

What Really Went Wrong at Silicon Valley Bank (The Economist) 
America must plan better for the failure of banks that are large but not enormous. 


Betting Against Pundits Even Worse Than Listening to Them (The Wall Street Journal) 
Investment products that bet against celebrity stock pickers are a lousy idea. 


The Inflation Picture Gets Murkier (Jackson Hole Economics) 
Despite signs that inflation in most major economies has peaked and is trending back down, recent data suggests more tightening could be needed. 


Nobody Expects a Banking Crisis, But … (The Capital Spectator) 
The banking industry is inherently unstable, and a new panic is always lurking. 


SVB Fallout Stings ETFs (Financial Times) 
ETFs focused on U.S. regional banks hit with steep declines. 


Panics: Is the SVB Event Another Perfect Storm? (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
The collapse of SVB is not exactly a new situation.  


The Improved Performance of US Active Managers in Perspective (The Evidence-Based Investor) 
Although not quite half of all active managers beat their indexes last year, almost all have underperformed over the longer term.  

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