Hot Reads: The Drawbacks To SPACs

February 12, 2021

Compiled by Staff


An Inside Joke For The Super Rich (The Irrelevant Investor)
There are drawbacks to SPACs for investors (not sponsors).


Here Comes The 5th Commodity Supercycle (Kitco)
“The tide on yields and inflation is turning.”


Dimensional Makes $700M Splash In ETF Debut (FA Magazine)
The three ETFs launched late last year and now have $700 million in assets.


Silver Supplies Enter Danger Zone (Seeking Alpha)
Physical tightness in the cash market could eventually invert the spot market.


2020 Performance of Top Gold Mining Stocks (Visual Capitalist)
Looking at “GDX” and its holdings during a very strange year.


How To Temper A Momentum Strategy (Morningstar)
The approach can struggle when the market changes direction or market volatility spikes.


Research Review Of Factor-Focused Papers (Capital Spectator)
A look at factor research papers from the past 12 months.


Stop Stressing About Inflation (The Big Picture)
Forecasts of the return of inflation have been greatly exaggerated.


Mortal Combat? No, Just Inflation Forecasts (ETF Wrap)
Also, pot is hot. And, does it matter when you trade?


First North American Bitcoin ETF Approved In Canada (Coindesk)
The Ontario Securities Commission gave its blessing Thursday.

Correlation & Cointegration (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
You need to think about both when looking at connections across assets.


The Real Story Behind Commission-Free Trading (Advisor Perspectives)
While the death of commissions is long overdue, it’s smoke and mirrors.

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