Hot Reads: ETF Closures More Than Double in 2023

Hot Reads: ETF Closures More Than Double in 2023

Plus, an ex-NFL player is buying his own ETF shop. 

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Merciless Market Kills Off ETFs at Double Last Year’s Rate (Bloomberg) 
This year, 62 ETFs have shuttered versus 26 during the same time period last year.  

Former NFL Player Acquiring $7B ETF Shop (Financial Times) 
Casey Crawford will acquire boutique investment, advisory and financial services firm Vident and its affiliates. 

The Pitfalls of Dollar Hegemony (FA Magazine) 
Which school of thought is likely to create the best outcomes? 

A Bank Murder Mystery (Jackson Hole Economics) 
Regulators must draw the right lessons from the SVB debacle, incorporate them and get back to work. 

How Much US Debt-Ceiling Risk Is Lurking? (The Capital Spectator) 
A resolution needs to be reached by this summer or face the destabilization of global markets.  

How Factor Exposure Changes Over Time (Alpha Architect) 
Different factors decay at different rates, and this affects how they should be rebalanced. 

4 Questions Investors Must Ask (Behavioural Investment) 
Things you should think about when making an active investment decision. 

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