Hot Reads: ETF Issuers Closing More ESG Funds as Interest Wanes

Hot Reads: ETF Issuers Closing More ESG Funds as Interest Wanes

Plus, Barclay’s culling of 21 ETNs shows eroding U.S. support.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Ron Day

Fed Warns of Credit Crunch Risk After US Bank Turmoil (Financial Times) 

Lenders signal plans to tighten loan standards as depositors withdraw cash. 


ETF Issuers Losing Tolerance for ESG as Closures Surge (Bloomberg) 

New ESG ETF debuts down 54% from 1Q 2022. 


Barclays’ Cull of 21 ETNs Puts Structure on Shaky Ground in US (Financial Times) 

Exchange-traded notes appear to hold their own in Europe. 


Coinbase CEO Vows Fight Against ‘Anti-Crypto’ SEC (CoinDesk) 

Plus, why bitcoin network fees are surging. 


Bill Gross Advises Buying T-Bills to Bet Debt Ceiling Issues Will Resolve (Bloomberg) 

Former PIMCO investment chief says 30% of his personal portfolio is in pipeline partnerships. 


Cramer ETF vs. Cramer (MarketWatch) 

You can do the opposite of a losing strategy and still lose. 


Is JEPI a Compelling ETF as Investors Turn Risk Averse? (Tip Ranks) 

Investors are turning to safe places amid recession fears. 


Apple Tapping High-Grade Bond Market With $5B Deal (Financial Advisor) 

iPhone maker sold debt as borrowers raised cash ahead of key inflation readings later this week. 


Commodities Conundrums (CNBC) 

Which way will the wild ride turn next? 


Variable Withdrawal Rates Better for Retirees: Morningstar (FA Magazine) 

Variable retirement withdrawal rates beat out static rates over a 30-year horizon, the firm said. 

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