Hot Reads: Feb. Jobs Report Crushes Expectations

Plus, why the market's been so resilient in the face of the Russia-Ukraine war.
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The February Jobs Report (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics)

In total, 678,000 new hires reported versus 440,000 expected shows the job market is on a tear.


Why The Stock Market Refuses To Plunge On Russia-Ukraine Crisis (Yahoo Finance)

Market pros say investors are looking beyond the headline chaos, focusing on factors that tend to upset stock price valuations.


Ukraine Rewards Supporters With Special ‘Airdrop’ (Fortune)

After raising almost $47 million via donations in crypto, Ukraine will distribute tokens directly into supporters’ wallets.


Why The ‘S’ In ESG Is No Longer Silent (The Evidence-Based Investor)

Striking the right balance between social issues and environmental ones is fraught with complexity.


Momentum In Emerging Markets (ETF Stream)

Few investment strategies have been more researched or are more widely supported by academic finance professionals.


3 Investing Lessons From The Russian Stock Market Collapse (Pragmatic Capitalism)

The top two are to beware of home bias, and that diversification is more important than ever.


Time To Find New Hedges? (Advisor Perspectives)

2022 has been a tough year so far for risk management.


From ‘Deflationary Misery’ To ‘Inflation Pain’ (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)

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