Hot Reads: Goldman’s Hedge Fund ETF Soars on AI Bets

Hot Reads: Goldman’s Hedge Fund ETF Soars on AI Bets

Plus, reframing the active versus passive debate.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Ron Day

Goldman’s Hedge Fund ETF Crushing S&P 500 With AI Bets (Bloomberg) 

The Goldman Sachs Hedge Industry VIP ETF (GVIP) has rallied over 16% compared to the S&P’s 500 10% gain. 


Active vs Passive Revisited: 6 Observations (CFA Institute) 

In the active versus passive debate, maybe the wrong question is asked. 


Stocks Rebound, Dollar and Treasury Yields Decline (Benzinga) 

Traders reassess Fed policy and welcome House approval of debt ceiling bill. 


Is the Debt Ceiling Debacle Over? (Jackson Hole Economics) 

The last-minute deal to raise the debt limit doesn’t solve the underlying problem. 


Is the US Heading From Retirement Crisis to Retirement Catastrophe? (ThinkAdvisor) 

Nearly 40% of Americans say their retirement strategy has been derailed economic events. 


Billionaire SPAC Kings Dragged to Court After Boom Goes Bust (Financial Advisor) 

The raucous boom in special purpose acquisition companies has spawned a wave of litigation. 


Has the Commodity Bubble Burst? ( 

U.S. recession fears, China’s faltering rebound are impacting a list of commodities. 

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