Hot Reads: The ‘Index Effect’ Fades Away

Hot Reads: The ‘Index Effect’ Fades Away

Plus, investors are pulling out of oil funds on demand concerns.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Why Stock Market Investors Can No Longer Count on the ‘Index Effect’ (Wall Street Journal) 
The effect of adding or deleting a stock from the S&P 500 index has disappeared over the past decade, study finds. 


Investors Pull Cash From Oil Despite OPEC+ Cuts (Bloomberg) 
Concerns about a slowdown in demand rise as the U.S. teeters on the brink of recession. 


Are Munis the Antidote for Recession Fears? (Financial Advisor Magazine) 
Municipal bonds have some unique advantages that could make them bright spots in an otherwise dismal investment environment. 


A Reality Check for the Renminbi (Jackson Hole Economics) 
China is making strides in internationalizing its currency, but dethroning the U.S. dollar is still far off. 


There Is No Index Fund for the Housing Market (A Wealth of Common Sense) 
It’s not a single entity like the stock market, and it remains hyper-local. 


Corporate Bonds Ex-US Led Market Gainers Last Week (The Capital Spectator) 
Bonds issued by companies outside the U.S. rose for a fifth straight week. 


How to Cut Your Losses With Defined Outcome ETFs (Morningstar) 
Understanding what the funds offer and the drawbacks that can come with them.

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