Hot Reads: Inflation A Major Risk For 2022

Plus, a look back at the year in cryptocurrency.

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Inflation A Major Risk For 2022 Outlook (Capital Spectator)
However, expectations from forecasters are anything but uniform.


Crypto’s Wild 2021 Will Go Down As One For The Ages (Advisor Perspectives)
There have been big wins and big scams, important upgrades, major crackdowns—and some major themes that will carry into 2022.


CNBC’s Sullivan: 5 Major Predictions For 2022 (CNBC)
Brian Sullivan expects several booms for next year.


ETFs For Rising Interest Rates (FactorResearch)
It turns out only financial services companies and short bonds offer a positive correlation to interest rates.


Persistent Inflation Could Lead To Bear Market (FA Magazine)
A case for an impending bear market in U.S. stocks hinges on what happens with inflation.


The Illiquidity Discount Is An Opportunity Cost (Alpha Architect)
Digging into a paper offering an alternative perspective on the illiquidity discount.


ETF Tax Advantages Still Strong In 2021 (Morningstar)

A continued streak of low taxable capital gains distributions, along with a few key reminders.


Are GDP’s Days Numbered? (Jackson Hole Economics)

Regarding the main gauge of measuring prosperity, better alternatives may soon be at hand.