Hot Reads: Investors Aren’t Buying Into The Metaverse

Plus, Ethereum is undergoing a change that could add to its value.
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As Meta Ditches FB Ticker, Investors Shun Metaverse (Advisor Perspectives)
Wall Street predicts the metaverse could be a $13 trillion industry by the end of the decade, but investors are unconvinced.


Ethereum Closes In On 'Merge' That May Boost The Crypto's Value (Yahoo Finance)
Its software transition could dramatically shift the second-largest cryptocurrency's value.


Retail Investors Restrategizing Into Leveraged & Inverse Funds (ETF Edge)
More retail traders are taking a page from the pros by investing in leveraged and inverse funds.


Why Some Of The World's Dirtiest Fuel Is Now In Hot Demand (Financial Times)
Can America's biggest oil supplier grant energy security to the U.S. without derailing its climate commitments?


The Resurgence Of Value Has Accelerated (The Evidence Based Investor)
It's unknown if this trend will continue, but history may provide us with clues.


El-Erian: Inflation Has Yet To Peak As Energy Prices Rise (Advisor Perspectives)
The bond market strategist thinks those who boldly said inflation peaked may have to change their minds.


2022's Top Sustainable Funds Weather Tough Market (Morningstar)
Some ESG outperformers got a boost from a usually nonsustainable sector.


Are Bonds Bottoming? (CNBC)
The upside for investors.


Institutional Buy-In Driving ESG Proposals (Institutional Investor)
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