Hot Reads: It's Hike Day

Plus, Russia is on the brink of a sovereign default.
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The Federal Reserve Is Expected To Raise Rates By 0.25% (CNBC)

The central bank begins a difficult balancing act of fighting inflation in a perilous time for global economics.


Sanctioned Russia Teeters On Brink Of Historic Default (Reuters)

Russian sovereign debt could be paid in rubles, which would trigger the biggest financial failure in the country since the Russian Flu.


Investors Haven’t Faced A Market Like This In Decades (Institutional Investor)

Inflation and geopolitical risk are “back with a vengeance” just as volatility is spiking.


World Economy Faces Supply Hit As China Rebattles COVID (Advisor Perspectives)

Global economy bracing for greater disruption as China scrambles to contain its worst outbreak of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.


The Best Personal Finance Inflation Hedges (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

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