Hot Reads: Might Bonds Be Poised for a Comeback?

Plus, while central banks bought record amounts of gold last year, ETF investors sold it.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

The Arguments for a Bond Comeback (Institutional Investor)
“The anticipated rate decline, along with the higher starting yield, creates an attractive outlook for bonds this year,” according to Nuveen.


Central Banks Bought Gold While ETF Investors Ditched It (Forbes)
The World Gold Council says central banks bought the most gold since 1967 last year, but ETFs saw outflows.


Why Is Gold Valuable? (Of Dollars & Data)
Despite its brilliant exterior, gold is intrinsically worthless, but it has characteristics and features that could make it an attractive investment for some.


BlackRock Pushes to Attract More Retail Investors to ETFs (Financial Times)
The world’s largest asset manager offers new ETF savings plans with neobroker Bux in Europe.


Equity & Bond Correlations: Higher Than Assumed? (CFA Institute)
Correlations are tricky, and daily versus monthly data can generate very different results. Investors should keep this in mind and maintain a certain level of skepticism.


Nobel Economist Krugman Says Markets Too Confident Inflation Is Over (Bloomberg)
He believes too many investors think inflation risk has passed when it could actually flare back up again due to easing financial conditions.


35% of ARK’s Flagship ETF Invested in 5 Stocks (The Motley Fool)
ARKK has been on fire so far this year, and these stocks are driving much of that success.

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