Hot Reads: Passive Funds to Overshadow Active in US

Hot Reads: Passive Funds to Overshadow Active in US

Plus, Grayscale says it plans to appeal if its lawsuit against the SEC is rejected.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Passive US Funds Poised to Overtake Active (Financial Times)
Research group forecasts 56% of total U.S. fund assets will be passively managed by 2027.


Grayscale Will Appeal if Court Rejects Suit Against SEC (Reuters)
The firm’s CEO said it was gearing up for an extended legal fight over its desire to launch a physical bitcoin ETF.


How the Economy Could Avoid Recession (The Economist)
Markets are giddy, but there is a long way to go.


Study Looks at Cognitive Dissonance in Active Management (The Evidence-Based Investor)
The research applies theory about the "community of practice" concept to active management.


Grantham Warns of Grimmer Final Phase of Downturn (Institutional Investor)
Longer term, GMO’s Jeremy Grantham argues that the declining population, raw material shortages and climate change are the biggest challenges for investors.


Fed Pivot Watch (The Capital Spectator)
The Federal Reserve is expected to slow its next rate hike to a quarter-point increase, and some wonder if it could signal an end to tightening.


Off-Exchange ETF Trading Spiked Last Year in the US (Financial Times)
The ETF shift from lit to off-exchange trading has actually been even starker than it has for equities as a whole.


2 ETFs That Can Set You Up for Life (The Motley Fool)
XBI and ROBO offer exposure to cutting-edge advances in medicine and automation.

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