Hot Reads: Reexamining Emerging Markets’ Risks

August 04, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Understanding the Zigs and Zags of Emerging Markets (Parametric Portfolio) 

Owning emerging market equities can be a good way to diversify portfolios across markets, minimizing risk and maximizing growth opportunities. 


Emerging Market Indexes Aren’t as Passive as You Might Think (Institutional Investor) 

Investors are contemplating the long-term implications of the geopolitical turmoil. 


3 Great ETFs for Contrarians (Morningstar) 

These low-cost funds could provide exceptional long-term performance—for those willing to wait. 


What Rising Interest Rates Mean for You (Kiplinger) 

Balancing inflation and interest rates has a big influence on your wallet. 


Inflation Bill Sparks Partisan Debate Over What It Will Do (Yahoo Finance) 

It’s not the first time policymakers have cherry-picked data, but the back-and-forth has been on overdrive this week. 


Does This Look Like a Recession to You? (The Irrelevant Investor) 

Things that just don’t happen during a recession are happening in this so-called recession. 


Morningstar Probed By Missouri Over ‘Woke’ ESG, Israel Bias Concern (Financial Advisor) 

Missouri’s attorney general launched an investigation into Morningstar and its subsidiary Sustainalytics about the firm’s evaluation of ESG issues. 

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