Hot Reads: Risks Of Defined Outcome ETFs

Plus, ESG outperformance may not come from where you think it does.
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Do Defined Outcome ETFs Really Have 'Defined Outcomes'? (ThinkAdvisor)
Buffers are the most common strategy offered, but they come with significant tail risk. 


Is ESG Outperformance An Illusion? (Institutional Investor)
Research suggests the excess returns delivered by ESG funds come from a source other than companies’ environmental, social and governance records.


Copper Hits Highest Level In 10 Years (Yahoo Finance)
Copper climbed to the highest point in almost a decade as the global recovery from the pandemic extended a rally in metals markets.


75% Of Stock Owners Unaffected By Capital Gains Proposal (CNBC)
Roughly 75% of U.S. stock investors wouldn’t be subject to an increase in the capital gains tax rate due to the types of accounts they own.


Are We In A Bubble? (Evidence-Based Investor)
An interview with an expert on bubbles.


SPAC Spigot Slows (ETF Edge)
Market analysts dissect the slowdown.


Robo Advisors Schooled Industry Giants (ThinkAdvisor)
Robo advisors were eclipsed by the incumbents they were trying to disrupt.


What’s Next For Retail? (Institutional Investor)
Monitoring consumer spending in the months ahead could show how quickly the U.S. and other developed economies can rebound.


Why You Are Your Portfolio’s Worst Enemy (The Big Picture)
Nearly all mistakes in investing come down to human emotions.


The Psychology Of Fighting The Last Crash (A Wealth of Common Sense)
Recency bias causes people to invest in the rearview mirror.


Managers & Investors Switch To ETFs (Validea)
It’s not just investors moving over to ETFs, fund providers are also embracing the wrapper. is the single source for ETF intelligence. We provide real-time ETF news and analysis to educate investors and drive financial knowledge in the space. Our personalized and accurate information, alongside industry-leading financial tools, are depended upon to develop winning investment and financial decisions. At, we strive to serve both the individual investor as well as the professional financial advisor to educate and grow the ETF community.