Hot Reads: Signs Inflation Is Peaking

Plus, cash is pouring into muni bond ETFs.

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More Signs Inflation Is Peaking (Morningstar)

But the Fed is still expected to continue its aggressive push to raise interest rates.


Cash Is Pouring Into Muni Bond ETFs (CNBC)

Why they could be winners for investors.


Unpacking The Latest Bitcoin ETF Rejections (CoinDesk)

Have we learned anything new?


Ripple Vs. SEC: Would Adverse Lawsuit Ruling Be Catastrophic For Crypto? (The Daily HODL)

The outcome of the SEC lawsuit alleging that XRP is a security may determine whether nearly all other existing altcoins are securities.


US Lacking Key Aspect Of Any Recession (Yahoo Finance)

While there have been signs the jobs market has been cooling, it does not reflect an economic recession.


Jobs Report Gives Powell A Little More Runway On Rates (Advisor Perspectives)

Predictions of the economy's imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated.


Most Investors Agree A Recession Is Likely (Institutional Investor)

What they can't agree on is how to invest for it.


This Type Of ETF Is Seeing Near-Record Inflows (ETF Edge)

But will it keep paying dividends?


Energy Stocks Were The Place To Hide Out This Year (Financial advisor)

Not anymore.


Investing A Lump Sum When The Market Is Down (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

Lump sum versus dollar cost averaging in a bear market.


Smart Investing In A Bear Market (Kiplinger)

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