Hot Reads: Things Could Get Rough for ESG in the US in 2023

Plus, ETF strategies for the long term, from Schwab’s D.J. Tierney.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Risks Mount for ESG After BlackRock’s $4B outflow (Bloomberg) 
Concentration risk is making a bad situation worse.


ETF Strategies For Long-Term Outperformance (CNBC) 
Schwab’s D.J. Tierney advises investors to stick with their asset allocation plans. 


Asset Managers Take Aim at ‘Unstable’ EU Green Fund Rules (Financial Times) 
Investor uproar prompts Brussels to consider scrapping flagship sustainable investment category. 


After $1T Rout, Beijing May Be Warming to China’s Tech Giants (CNBC) 
China's government could be relaxing its intense scrutiny of its technology sector. 


Which Will Grow Faster: India or Indonesia? (The Economist) 
Both countries are pioneering new ways to get rich in a troubled world. 


Commodity Skewness a Risk Factor for Excess Returns (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
Why you might get better results holding commodities with negative skew.  


Is The US Facing a Slow(er)-Moving Recession Threat? (The Capital Spectator) 
Assessing recession risk is difficult, and it’s hard to tell if current models are getting it right.  


Ireland Extends Lead Over Luxembourg in ETFs (Financial Times) 
More than two-thirds of European ETF assets are now domiciled in Dublin. 


Why The Stock Market Makes You Feel Bad All the Time (A Wealth of Common Sense) 
It’s been almost 450 days since we’ve experienced new highs in the stock market. 


Junk Bonds Have Juicy Yields, but Investors Should Beware (Barrons) 
Regional banks are expected to slow their lending, meaning credit will be even tighter. 

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