Hot Reads: US & EU Move Toward Energy Deal

Plus, the bond market's not doing so hot.
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US, Europe Closing In On Deal To Cut Demand For Russian Energy (Yahoo Finance)
The U.S. may offer more fossil fuels to Europe in the short term to buffer against Russian disruptions.


Key ETF Metric Suggests Fresh Bond Market Pain (Bloomberg)

The "SPY"-"TLT" ratio jumps to record as Treasury losses snowball.


Bonds Don’t Feel Very Stable (The Irrelevant Investor)

Bonds currently aren’t buffering the stock market decline, they’re causing it.


Fed Not At Mercy Of The Yield Curve (Advisor Perspectives)

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg say the chances of recession are only 20%.


Carbon Capture: Early Days Of A $1T Industry? (ClearBridge)

Even the most ambitious emissions reduction scenarios maintain a share of fossil fuels usage.


Worst Drawdown On Record For Global Fixed Income (FA Magazine)

The allure of holding debt is diminishing given how sensitive valuations are to interest rates.


What Happens When Most Institutional Investors Rethink Their Portfolios (Institutional Investor)

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