Hot Reads: Value’s Fast & Surprising Snapback

Also, an ETF built perfectly for inflation.

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Value Funds Strike Back (Morningstar)
Rebounds can be just as fast and surprising as sell-offs.


NUGT’ May Be The Perfect ETF For Inflation (Benzinga)
Some companies actually benefit from inflation.


Treasury Calls For Stricter Crypto IRS Compliance (CNBC)
Agency says transfers over $10,000 pose tax-evasion risk.


Bitcoin Erases Comeback Gains (CNBC)
World’s largest digital currency turns negative amid regulation fears.


Inflation Is Spiking (Advisor Perspectives)
But you only reopen the economy once.


Housing Market’s Bottleneck Bigger Than Lumber (Advisor Perspectives)
Sheer lack of land is an often-overlooked issue.


Bitcoin Miner Or Gold Miner? (ETF Wrap)
Here’s where Wall St. winners put their bets.


America’s Rescue Plan Improved Muni Outlook (Advisor Perspectives)
Downgrades and potential defaults didn’t occur due to swift and substantial fiscal support.


A Safety-First Retirement Planning Approach (Validea)
The problems with the 4% rule.