Hot Reads: Vanguard ETFs Dominate First Half

July 16, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Vanguard ETFs Dominate In First Half Of 2021 (ThinkAdvisor)
Eight Vanguard ETFs accounted for almost 19% of all inflows in the U.S.


ARK's Wood Sells China Stocks, Warns Of Valuation Reset (Advisor Perspectives)
ARK’s falling exposure to China reflects both reduced stakes in bellwethers such as Tencent Holdings Ltd. as well as declining valuations.


Yellen: Expect 'Several More Months' Of High Inflation (CNBC)
The Treasury Secretary expects inflation to return to normal in the medium term.


Biggest Differences Between Now & The Housing Bubble (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Depending on your vantage point, housing price increases seem either incredibly bubbly, below average, average or strong-to-quite-strong.


When To Buy & Sell Bitcoin? (Yahoo Finance)
It’s “exactly the opposite” of stocks.


Strategist Warns Of Dot-Com Era ‘Bull Trap’ In ARK Fund (ThinkAdvisor)
JPMorgan Chase’s Quigg says a second-half increase in bond yields may trigger declines in “ARKK.”


Time For An Inflation Futures Contract? (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
In a stable world of 2% inflation targeting, a futures contract may not serve an economic purpose, but now may be different.


Do Cryptos Serve The Public Interest? (Evidence-Based Investor)
The Bank for International Settlements says that there’s public interest in digital money, but existing cryptocurrencies aren’t the answer.


Is The Retail Investor Rampage Over? (Advisor Perspectives)
With sports betting back in action and stimulus checks running out, there seems to be a waning interest in the market


Time To Reconsider Liquid Alts? (Morningstar)
Liquid alternatives have largely been an asset allocation disappointment, but they may finally get a chance to shine.

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