Hot Reads: 'WEAT' Runs Out Of Shares

Plus, Goldman's lead commodities analyst says liquidity in the asset class is collapsing.
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‘WEAT’ Runs Out Of Shares (CityWire)

The fund had to suspend creations and submit an amended prospectus to account for spiking demand. Russia and Ukraine amount for a third of the world’s wheat exports.


Goldman Sachs: Liquidity In Commodities ‘Collapsing’ (Insider)

Jeff Currie said higher volatility is discouraging investors and causing a vicious cycle.


Don’t Buy Into The Crypto Memes (Institutional Investor)

Research Affiliates says there are steep hurdles to clear before digital assets could disrupt traditional finance.


1M Options Contracts On ‘RSX’ In Limbo (FA Magazine)

The suspension of trading the world’s largest Russia ETF has left the fate of options worth hundreds of million of dollars hanging.


It’s Been A Good Run (The Irrelevant Investor)

The S&P 500 hit new all-time highs every year since 2013.


Dual Momentum Investing (Validea)

Looking at absolute and relative momentum, and the pros and cons of the measures that can be used to define them.


SWIFT Thinking (Advisor Perspectives)

Removing Russia from the network is a blunt instrument.


2 Bond ETFs For A Rising Rate Environment (Morningstar)

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