Hot Reads: When Passive Is Actually Active

July 27, 2022

Compiled by Staff


Are Some Passive ETFs Really Active? (Knowledge at Wharton)
What this may mean for investors.


Are New Single-Stock ETFs A Recipe For Disaster? (Advisor Perspectives)
Advisers are warning about outsized risks.


It's Earnings Season (The Irrelevant Investor)
Not bad is good enough.


Navigating The ESG Backlash (Parametric Portfolio)
Recent debates run the risk of leading investors to oversimplify ESG.


Emerging Market ETFs Show Pockets Of Outperformance (Financial Times)
Brazil, Nigeria, Chile and Saudi Arabia lead the way as some countries buck dismal trend.


These Active Managers Have Shined During The Downturn (Institutional Investor)
Small cap value managers beat their benchmarks by the largest margins in Q2 and YTD, per data from Investment Metrics.


Cathie Wood-Linked ETFs Standing Out From $6.4T Pack (Financial Advisor)
The ARK CEO's popularity has sparked a global ecosystem of funds attempting to mimic hers.


ESG 2.0: Refining The Criteria (CNBC)
Asset managers now have greater challenges regarding their ESG offerings: being more transparent, and focusing on impact and engagement. 


The Make Or Break Moment For Stocks (The Reformed Broker)
Weak earnings reports aren't fazing investors after brutal year for stocks.

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