Hot Reads: 'WSKY' Founder Charged With Fraud

Plus, a key inflation indicator for the Fed hits a high not seen in 40 years.
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SEC Charges Head Of Defunct Whiskey ETF With Fraud (Forbes)

David Bolton was charged with fraud connected to an ETF operation years after 'WSKY' closed.


PCE Inflation Up 5.8% In 2021, Highest Since 1982 (Yahoo Finance)

The Personal Consumption Index is one of the Fed’s most-watched inflation metrics.


‘ARKK' Claims Of An Anti-Innovation Market Ring Hollow (Morningstar)

Cathie Wood’s claim that the markets aren’t behind disruption doesn’t explain its recent struggles.


What ETFs Are Retail Investors Loading Up Amid Volatility? (MarketWatch)

Retail accounts are buying the dip.


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