ETF Explainer: FTXR

A large transportation-focused ETF has a strong comeback.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell
First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF

Each month, we look at an ETF selected by based on its performance and importance to investors. This month, we consider the performance of the $661 million First Trust Nasdaq Transportation ETF (FTXR), which has underperformed the broad U.S. market during the past year, but has pulled ahead in recent months. All the companies mentioned below are holdings in FTXR, unless otherwise noted (*).



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DEC 3 Old Dominion Freight Line’s fourth quarter report mentions decreases in less-than-truckload revenues due to lower shipments and tonnage in November.

JAN 21 Expeditors International of Washington sees its share price plunge over the course of two trading days after warning it’ll miss earnings and revenue consensus estimates for the fourth quarter.

MAR 18 Shipping and delivery company UPS sees its share price spike as the broad U.S. market moves closer to its bottom and the coronavirus pandemic grows.

JUN 8 Airline stocks see a dramatic but brief rally as hopes rise that the worst of the pandemic is over, but the industry is set to have its worst year in history.

AUG 31 Tesla shares reach new record highs and well-above-average volume after its five-for-one stock split takes effect, driving its market capitalization to more than $430 billion.

OCT 20 General Motors announces plans to invest $2 billion in six different U.S. manufacturing facilities and roll out an electricpowered version of its Hummer truck.

Source: Bloomberg; data for 10/31/2019-10/31/2020

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