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State Street Cuts ETF Fees, Adds To ‘Portfolio’ |

State Street Cuts ETF Fees, Adds To ‘Portfolio’

September 20, 2019

Today State Street Global Advisors announced it has rebranded seven of its existing funds to include them in their family of low-cost core ETFs, known as the “Portfolio” ETFs.

Seven funds were given new names, tickers and, in some cases, expense ratios. This brings the total number of ETFs in the SPDR Portfolio family to 22. Changes take effect Monday, Sept. 23.

The affected funds are shown in the below table:


Previous Fund Name & Ticker New Fund Name & Ticker Prev. Exp Ratio New Exp Ratio
SPDR MSCI ACWI ETF (ACIM) SPDR Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETF (SPGM) 0.25% 0.09%
SPDR STOXX® Europe 50 ETF (FEU) SPDR Portfolio Europe ETF (SPEU) 0.29% 0.09%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Corporate Bond ETF (CBND) SPDR Portfolio Corporate Bond ETF (SPBO) 0.06% 0.06%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Intermediate Term Treasury ETF (ITE) SPDR Portfolio Intermediate Term Treasury ETF (SPTI) 0.06% 0.06%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays Mortgage Backed Bond ETF (MBG) SPDR Portfolio Mortgage Backed Bond ETF (SPMB) 0.06% 0.06%
SPDR ICE BofAML Broad High Yield Bond ETF (CJNK) SPDR Portfolio High Yield Bond ETF (SPHY) 0.15% 0.15%
SPDR Bloomberg Barclays TIPS ETF (IPE) SPDR Portfolio TIPS ETF (SPIP) 0.15% 0.12%


The fee reductions range from 0 to 20 basis points in size, with the largest for the SPDR Portfolio ETF (SPEU), which will also change its index. SPEU originally tracked the STOXX Europe 50 Index while trading under the ticker FEU (SPDR STOXX Europe 50 ETF). Starting Monday, it will track the STOXX Europe Total Market Index, which covers 95% of the free float market capitalization of 17 European countries, according to State Street.

State Street first rolled out its “Portfolio family” in October 2017 with 15 of its existing ETFs. The seven funds added today represent $3.4 billion in assets under management.

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