Wednesday Hot Reads: The Best & Worst New ETFs

December 28, 2016

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The Best & Worst New ETFs of 2016 (Morningstar)
Among the many new launches, there were plenty of lumps of coal and a few diamonds to be found.


Retail ETFs Jump On Hopes Of High Holiday Spending (Barrons)
Early indications show shoppers were out in force, which could help turn around the retail sector that investors had been shunning.


NYSE Losing ETF Listings To Bats, Nasdaq (MarketWatch)
ETFs are delisting from NYSE to go to other exchanges, and NYSE ETF listings are down year-over-year.


ETF Spaces To Watch In 2017 (Zacks)
Oil, inflation and India are likely to be among the hot topics next year, and ETFs are here to help.


ETFs Expanding Into Organic Farming & Other New Trends (CNBC)
The ETF industry is betting investors want to link more of their investing dollars to social trends, or business and technologies, not yet reflected in traditional sector funds.


Economist: US & China May Enter ‘Cycle Of Retaliation’ In 2017 (CNBC)
The Trump administration may start with something small like steel tariffs, but the trade war with China may escalate from there.


The ETF Volume Leaders Of 2016 (Zacks)
Not surprisingly, QQQ and SPY were among the group.




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