The Case for Investing in the New Electricity ETF

The Case for Investing in the New Electricity ETF

CNIC’S Kramer talks about his firm’s unique new fund, the first U.S.-listed ETF to offer direct exposure to the power market.

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Edited by: Kent Thune

You can now invest in electricity through ETFs, but should you? The CNIC ICE US Carbon Neutral Power Futures Index ETF (AMPD) is the first U.S.-listed exchange-traded fund to offer direct exposure to the power market, and according to Timothy Kramer, CEO of CNIC Funds, there are a lot of compelling reasons to consider the fund. 

In this episode of Talk ETFs, Kramer sits down with senior analyst Sumit Roy to discuss his bullish thesis. 

Kramer says that investing in electricity futures offers investors inflation protection, portfolio diversification and exposure to secular growth themes, including the clean energy transition, crypto and artificial intelligence

Timothy J. Kramer has over 25 years of industry experience as a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and portfolio manager. Kramer was the CCO for various Blackstone Group portfolio companies, including Kindle Energy, Lightstone Generation, Lonestar Generation and Transmission Developers Inc. As CCO for Conectiv Energy, he directly managed the liquidation of company’s residual portfolio at a profit and ahead of schedule after the Calpine asset divestiture, including the sale of 5,000 MW of load, wind, hydro, landfill, gas, tolls and coal.

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