The Problem With AI ETFs

The Problem With AI ETFs

Kaiju Worldwide's CEO discusses the drawbacks of AI-themed ETFs in this first of a two-part series.

Reviewed by: Lisa Barr
Edited by: Lisa Barr

AI ETFs have been all the rage this year. But they might not be all they’re cracked up to be, according to Ryan Pannell, CEO and chair of Kaiju Worldwide. 

There are a number of challenges that ETF managers have to navigate when selecting which stocks to hold within their AI-themed portfolios. Managers who don’t employ AI in their own practices are at a disadvantage, according to Pannell. 

At the same time, even though AI ETFs might make sense for some investors, they aren’t revolutionary. They’re just another flavor of thematic ETFs. 

Tune in to hear this provocative take from Pannell, who is the head of the firm behind the Buy The DIP ETF (DIP), an AI-powered exchange-traded fund. 


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