How To Use Our New Finder

Here’s a quick tour of’s new Finder & Database tool.

Reviewed by: Luis Guerra
Edited by: Luis Guerra is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned ETF Screener & Database tool []. We have made a major overhaul to our most-visited tool at The new ETF Finder incorporates a sleek and mobile-friendly design that facilitates searches through the most comprehensive ETF database in the industry.

New Intuitive Design

Our product development teams worked along with experts to facilitate the user experience of our site. Once a user opens the ETF screener tool, the ETF filters and results table are shown at the same time, helping visitors immediately see the results of their searches.


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We have implemented new checkbox menus so that users can select their search criteria faster. Alongside, users can now select multiple options from the filter menus and see their results updated right away in the results table.

Ticker Search Box & Results Tags

We expanded our ticker search functionality to find up to five ETF ticker symbols. You can type in the ETF name and ticker, and our auto-complete feature will help you select the correct ETF. Furthermore, we introduced results tags. These tags display the selected filter criteria. You can remove the search simply by pressing the “X” in the results tag box. 


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Slider Filters

The slider filters are the perfect tool for searches involving numeric data. The slider tool lets you define a specific range of values to find ETFs matching a specific criteria.



ETF Filters Major Categories

To facilitate navigation through the tool, we group the ETF filter in major search categories: Classification, Location, Analysis, Features, Performance, Trading Data, Issuer & Index and Channels.


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Classification: Find ETFs based on FactSet’s ETF classification system.

Location: Find ETFs based on their geographical exposure.

Analysis: Find ETFs based on their ETF scoring, MSCI scores or popular financial ratios.

Performance: Find ETFs based on the total return performance for several periods.

Trading Data: Find ETFs based on such popular trading metrics as AUM and volume.

Issuer & Index: Find ETFs based on the ETF issuer or index provider. Channels: Navigate on our popular channels lists.


Fund Flows Section

We know you love reading about fund flows, so now we provide access to flow data with a new section in our results area. Simply go to the “Fund Flows” section and you’ll see the net flows for all U.S.-traded ETFs for several time periods.


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New Web Architecture & Mobile Friendly

Our new Finder uses up-to-date technology that makes the tool fast-responding and reliable. We expect visitors to experience fewer drop times or shutdowns. The tool is also mobile-friendly, so you can search ETF from cellphones and tablet devices.

Our team is continuously working to improve your experience. In the coming months, you’ll have the ability to save searches, create new watch lists and compare ETF metadata directly from our ETF screener tool.

As always, we love to hear your feedback, so feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions at [email protected].

You can also reach Luis Guerra at [email protected]

Luis Guerra, CFA, is the Product Manager of He develops new features and functionalities for the website. Guerra also manages and maintains the database. He graduated with honors from Barry University with a dual degree in finance and international business.