Tuesday Hot Reads: ETFs A Contagion Risk?

Plus, some wonder what would have happened to ETFs on Black Monday.

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'Huge Risk Of Contagion': What To Know About ETFs (Business Insider)

ETFs have grown 500% in value since 2008 to $4 trillion. Mohamed El-Erian says ETFs pose "huge risk of contagion."


Would ETFs Hold Up In 1987-Style Crash? (MarketWatch)

30 years after Black Monday, some investors wonder how ETFs would respond in similar situation.


Wood: Bitcoin May Be Year Away (Bloomberg)

ARK Investments CEO Cathie Wood believes a bitcoin ETF may be available within a year.


Bull Market Humbles Ivy League Endowments (Bloomberg)

Yale, Harvard endowments lag as indexing again beats hedge funds. 


Stock Replacement Strategy: Volatility (Seeking Alpha)

XIV’ grows in popularity as it’s considerably outperformed major U.S. equity indexes. 


Just Own The Damn Robots (Reformed Broker)

Is automation driving the first fear-based bubble in market history?


Energy, Financials: Value Within Value (BlackRock)

Crude oil and financials appear cheapest relative to the market.


No Rally Needed To Profit From ‘XLE’ (InvestorPlace)

Join the energy party, but leave room for error.


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