Walmart Spikes On Earnings Report

The stock is a holding in 240 ETFs.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Today, Walmart announced its fiscal fourth-quarter earnings, in which it beat consensus expectations. The company also said it would raise its dividend by 2% for fiscal 2023. The stock spiked upward in early morning trading on the news.  

It is a holding in 240 ETFs currently trading on the U.S. market.  


Most WMT Shares

The $395 billion SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) holds the most shares of WMT, with 15.26 million. Unsurprisingly, the iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV) and the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO), which track the same index and are also among the largest ETFs on the market, hold 11.99 million and 9.85 million shares, respectively. Walmart has a weighting of 0.51-0.52% in all three funds.  

The Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI) holds 8.63 million shares of WMT, while the Vanguard Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIG) holds 7.88 million shares.  



Most WMT Exposure 

However, the ETFs with the most exposure to WMT are led by the $6.6 billion Vanguard Consumer Staples ETF (VDC), which has a 7.32% allocation to the stock. Meanwhile, the $982.4 million Fidelity MSCI Consumer Staples Index ETF (FSTA) has a weighting of 7.11%.  

Interestingly, the ETF with the third-largest exposure to WMT is the $5.4 million QRAFT AI-Enhanced U.S. High Dividend ETF (HDIV), an actively managed dividend-focused fund that selects its holdings through artificial intelligence. WMT has a weighting of 5.53% in a portfolio that includes roughly 100 other holdings.  

The actively managed iShares Evolved U.S. Discretionary Spending ETF (IEDI) has a weighting of 5.47% to WMT, while the VanEck Retail ETF (RTH) has a weighting of 5.29%  



Top Performers With WMT 

The list of the top-performing ETFs holding WMT is very different, and given the recent dismal market performance, does not include any highfliers.  

The top fund is the ProShares RAFI Long/Short ETF (RALS), which was up just 1.63% over the prior 30-day period. RALS is a tiny fund, with less than $4 million in assets under management. Its strategy takes a long position in the Invesco FTSE RAFI U.S. 1000 ETF (PRF) and a short position in the iShares Russell 3000 ETF (IWV). It has a weighting to Walmart of less than 1%.  

The $68.5 million T. Rowe Price Equity Income ETF (TEQI) is up 1.11% during the 30-day period, while the $56 million Franklin Liberty Systematic Style Premia ETF (FLSP) is up 1.03%.  

The $106.2 million SPDR Global Dow ETF (DGT) is up 0.81%. DGT tracks the Global Dow Index, a global version of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. However, while WMT has a weighting of 2.53% in the $29.2 billion SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA), it has a weighting in DGT of just 0.59%.  

And the $33.2 million JPMorgan Active Value ETF (JAVA), which has a weighting of 0.49% to WMT, is up 0.50% during the 30-day period.  



Strategies Featuring WMT 

Among the funds that hold WMT, 50 represent actively managed strategies, while another 46 are plain vanilla passive strategies. Thirty-three multifactor ETFs and 29 fundamental ETFs hold WMT, and the stock has a presence in the portfolios of 18 value ETFs.  

Because of its size, Walmart appears in a lot of broad market passive ETFs, and it also shows up in most consumer categories.  


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