Music History and Practice Management for Advisors

Music History and Practice Management for Advisors

In his new book, Matt Ackermann shows what financial advisors can learn from the music industry.

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Matt Ackermann, chief content officer at Integrated Partners, joins the Advisor Upside podcast for an insightful conversation about his new book, Center Stage: How to become the star of your practice.

Designed as a practice management road map for financial advisors, Ackermann’s book employs anecdotes from the music industry to weave tails of success, opportunity, risk-taking and common-sense business management to highlight a course for financial planners.

Talking with podcast host Wealth Management Editor Jeff Benjamin, Ackermann shares the curious story of how the idea for the book developed out of a series of conversations with Andree Mohr, Integrated Partners president, who was spending time at home on maternity leave.

As listeners will discover during the podcast, the book is blend of practice management, music history and self-help that could benefit just about anyone.

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