How To Profit From Falling Oil Prices

How investors can take advantage of low oil prices

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This event has been accredited by IFP for 1 hour of structured CPD.

The price of oil dropped more than 50% since June, sending global capital markets into a spin and consumers into a gleeful frenzy. While some analysts forecast low oil prices will lock in low inflation, others argue it will spur fire hot global growth. With OPEC continuing to wrangle over market share and U.S. shale gas producers' future-looking wobbly - investors are hoping the bottom to oil has come and gone. This session explores how investors can take advantage of low oil prices, which ETPs can benefit from these low prices, and the macro market and outlook for oil.

Join, WisdomTree Europe's director of research, Viktor Nossek, and director of capital markets, Zachary Hascoe, as they discuss the most talked about phenomenon in investment today.

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