ETFs Saw Inflows of $13B Last Week

ETFs Saw Inflows of $13B Last Week

Leveraged, inverse exchange-traded funds saw outflows.

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Top 10 Creations (All ETFs)

TickerNameNet Flows ($,mm)AUM ($, mm)AUM % Change
VOOVanguard 500 Index Fund3,298.02339,739.080.97%
QQQInvesco QQQ Trust2,797.34206,662.031.35%
MUBiShares National Muni Bond ETF525.1133,094.771.59%
HYGiShares iBoxx USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF464.6214,760.893.15%
JNKSPDR Bloomberg High Yield Bond ETF441.577,741.965.70%
SPTSSPDR Portfolio Short Term Treasury ETF435.015,841.147.45%
SPYSPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust431.22415,816.420.10%
VTIVanguard Total Stock Market ETF403.93318,643.930.13%
SMHVanEck Semiconductor ETF371.1310,162.433.65%
PBUSInvesco MSCI USA ETF321.803,035.6310.60%


Top 10 Redemptions (All ETFs)

TickerNameNet Flows ($,mm)AUM ($, mm)AUM % Change
IWMiShares Russell 2000 ETF-760.4654,512.98-1.40%
XLVHealth Care Select Sector SPDR Fund-708.4640,192.21-1.76%
RSPInvesco S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF-644.5542,370.51-1.52%
IVViShares Core S&P 500 ETF-619.80353,165.87-0.18%
TIPiShares TIPS Bond ETF-547.6621,349.92-2.57%
STIPiShares 0-5 Year TIPS Bond ETF-452.549,683.34-4.67%
SQQQProShares UltraPro Short QQQ-405.093,729.45-10.86%
XLPConsumer Staples Select Sector SPDR Fund-393.1216,948.58-2.32%
TQQQProShares UltraPro QQQ-381.7718,819.33-2.03%
USMViShares MSCI USA Min Vol Factor ETF-284.0028,826.51-0.99%


ETF Weekly Flows By Asset Class

 Net Flows ($, mm)AUM ($, mm)% of AUM
U.S. Equity7,279.264,487,616.320.16%
International Equity1,478.831,286,700.240.11%
U.S. Fixed Income4,613.951,265,954.800.36%
International Fixed Income461.43155,514.030.30%
Asset Allocation-49.4815,005.92-0.33%


Asset Classes (Year-to-Date)

 Net Flows ($, mm)AUM ($, mm)% of AUM
U.S. Equity110,770.184,487,616.322.47%
International Equity58,643.991,286,700.244.56%
U.S. Fixed Income111,807.261,265,954.808.83%
International Fixed Income15,776.74155,514.0310.14%
Asset Allocation-2,561.6515,005.92-17.07%


Top 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and <1,000 Shares Traded

TickerNameWeekly PerformanceWeekly VolumeAUM ($, mm)
MSOSAdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF40.04%51,958,396459.77
MJUSETFMG U.S. Alternative Harvest ETF32.32%3,010,469128.30
YOLOAdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF30.08%892,27341.18
CNBSAmplify Seymour Cannabis ETF25.07%161,02930.03
MLPOCredit Suisse S&P MLP Index ETN24.89%19,85131.04
MJETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF23.08%23,956,809253.46
POTXGlobal X Cannabis ETF17.30%235,02636.18
THCXAXS Cannabis ETF16.86%26,58316.22
KSETKraneShares Global Carbon Offset Strategy ETF11.43%40,6411.25
WGMIValkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF8.26%1,007,56817.89


Top 10 YTD Performers

TickerNameYTD PerformanceWeekly PerformanceAUM ($, mm)
WGMIValkyrie Bitcoin Miners ETF162.42%8.26%17.89
DAPPVanEck Digital Transformation ETF141.57%6.79%49.20
SATOInvesco Alerian Galaxy Crypto Economy ETF125.07%6.03%4.36
BITQBitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF124.48%6.88%82.82
IBLCiShares Blockchain and Tech ETF89.14%6.03%8.31
BITSGlobal X Blockchain and Bitcoin Strategy ETF85.22%3.83%12.56
FDIGFidelity Crypto Industry and Digital Payments ETF79.33%7.83%43.04
FNGSMicroSectors FANG+ ETN76.05%4.04%135.91
CRPTFirst Trust SkyBridge Crypto Industry and Digital Economy ETF73.52%7.53%19.61
BLKCInvesco Alerian Galaxy Blockchain Users and Decentralized Commerce ETF66.23%4.22%2.68


Disclaimer: All data as of 6 a.m. Eastern time the date the article is published. Data is believed to be accurate; however, transient market data is often subject to subsequent revision and correction by the exchanges.

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